Additional Information – F.A.Q.

Please explore the Frequently Asked Questions below to assist you in the application process. If you have any further questions you can always contact us.

Frequently asked questions about the INS application process.

Do I need insurance?

Medical insurance is compulsory for all international INS participants and is also strongly recommended for all New Zealand participants. Possible comprehensive options include:

When can I apply for the INS?

You can apply for the INS all year round. Processing the applications for the INS is a big job. Our registrar needs ample time to process each applications thoroughly. We accept INS applications up until 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the school. If you have submitted your application after the 4 week deadline, your application will be taken into account for next year's school. Please keep us up to date of any changes. Please be aware that if you are sending us forms by post, you need to take into account international post/mail time. Applying early will ensure a place in the school since accommodation is limited!

How can I secure a place in the INS?

Each year we get more people interested in joining the INS but our accommodation is limited. To secure your place in the INS the following steps will need to be completed:

  • Your application must be processed and accepted
  • A non-refundable deposit of NZ$1000 per person needs to be made
The deposit can be paid by one of the following options:
  • Cheque (for New Zealand residents only)
  • Bank draft in New Zealand Dollars (for foreign applicants)
  • Electronically wired funds through the banking system (relevant details are included in the acceptance package)
NOTE: All relevant bank charges will be the responsibility of the applicant and need to be taken into account when making the INS. The balance of the school fees is to be received as soon as possible by the due date, unless otherwise arranged with the schoolleadership. We will notify each applicant of the balance which is due after receipt of their deposit. Accommodation will only be allocated upon receipt of your deposit. All fees have to be received by us before you arrive for the School.

What happens in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency during your stay at INS we will do everything we can to assist you and make things as comfortable as possible. When you submit the INS | Main Application Form, you will be required to sign to a Consent for Medical Treatment, a Release of Liability and a Financial Responsibility Declaration. Upon acceptance to the INS you will be required to complete an Emergency Contact Form, All applicants will be required to bring with them a signed hard copy of Emergency Contact Form when they arrive at the school. A link to the form will be provided by the INS Registrar. Please note that New Zealand law regards anyone under the age of 20 as a minor, and thus co-signatories will be required (a parent or guardian for all applicants aged 19 years and under).

Which forms do I need to complete to apply for INS?

You will need to complete at least 2 forms yourself, and 3 forms need to be completed by your referees. Here is the breakdown... Required Forms:

Your application will only be processed when all 4 of these forms are received. Optional forms:

What happens after I submit my INS application?

Upon receiving your required application and reference forms, the INS Registrar will arrange for a personal Skype or telephone interview. On the main application form you will be asked to provide a Skype address where you can be contacted. If for some reason a Skype interview is not possible, a telephone interview can be conducted as an exception.

Do I need a passport to apply for INS?

All non-New Zealand residents applying for the INS need to have a passport that is valid at least 6 months after the conclusion of the school.

Do I need a visa to enter New Zealand?

Since the 1st of October 2019, most visitors to New Zealand will need to request an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) to enter the country. The NZeTA will enable travellers from 60 visa-waiver countries to stay in NZ for up to three months. For more information about the NZeTA and to apply for one, please visit: If you are not eligable to apply for an NZeTA, you will need to apply for a New Zealand Visitor Visa. Please visit the New Zealand Immigration page to check the criteria. You do not need an NZeTA if you are travelling on a New Zealand or Australian passport.

How can I submit my INS application?

The INS application can be completed online or by email or post. Online (recommended) The simplest way is to apply online on the application page. Simply fill out the forms and click the submit button once you're finished. Apply by email or post Please download the forms here and fill them out. You can scan the forms and email them to If you'd like to submit the forms by post please contact Dass Superamanniam for a postal address at +60125534460 (Whatsapp text messages available)

What costs are involved in joining the INS?

To join the INS | The Journey of Sonship, there are a number of different costs we would like you to be aware of. Please find below a break down of the costs involved to join the 3 month INS in New Zealand:

  • INS School Fees - Tuition, food and accommodation are all included in one cost which can be found on the Dates & Costs page, under the heading INS | School Fees. This cost will vary based upon which accommodation package you choose.
  • Registration Fee - There is a NZ$60 non-refundable registration fee that you will pay as you submit your INS Main Application form. INS | Main Application form.
  • Airfare - Visiting New Zealand from overseas means you will need to purchase your own airplane ticket.
  • Medical & Travel insurance.
  • A ticket for the Ferry - As an INS student, you will travel to Great Barrier Island on a ferry. The cost for a return ticket is NZ$280 (approximate) per person. This is an additional fee.
  • Special diet - If you require a special diet, additional costs are involved: Gluten Free & other Medical Meal Plans are NZ$310 per person. This is an additional fee.
  • NZeTA or Visa - There is a small fee for applying for a New Zealand NZeTA (NZ$9 - NZ$12). For more info visit:
    If you are not eligable to apply for an NZeTA, a New Zealand Visitor Visa will have higher application fees. Please visit the New Zealand Immigration page to check the criteria.
  • Pocket money - Even though the INS is all inclusive (school fees, food & accommodation) you might like to keep some extra cash at hand to buy some snacks or visit the local pub in the weekend.

Can I bring children to the INS?

Yes, you are able to bring children to the INS. You will need to provide your children's details on INS | Main Application Form.
Please note: Families with children under the age of 14 need to provide care for their children: an accompanying nanny. They will need to complete an Accompanying Nanny form.