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Find here everything you need to apply for the INS

We are so excited that you are applying for the upcoming INS | The Journey of Sonship!

All the forms you need for your application can be found right here on this page.


Please go through the list by clicking the buttons below, starting with the
INS | Main Application Form. Once you click on a button you will be taken to an online form where you or your referee can complete and submit your selected form.

Your completed forms will be sent automatically to the INS Registrar for processing.

On behalf of the INS team,

"May you know the reality of Father’s rich presence and blessing."


INS | Application Forms

Only when we have received the required application forms, together with your passport photograph(s), will we contact you to make arrangements for a Skype/telephone interview. Following your interview, we will process your application quickly and let you know our decision at the earliest opportunity.

Need help?

Are you unsure about the application process? Do you have a question? Please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do everything we can to help you on your way.

Contact Details INS Registrar


Phone:     +60 1255 344 60 (GMT +8 hours)


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