INS | Community Life

One of the most powerful dynamics of the INS is Community Life.

One of the most powerful dynamics of the INS | The Journey of Sonship is community life.  The setting of Orama Christian Centre is the perfect environment for this.

> Friendships

The friendships that are formed at the INS are some of the deepest and most meaningful we will have in our lives. The times and experiences we share with each other often form life long bonds. As we draw nearer to the Father, our hearts are drawn together too. Here we become family. 

> Love one another

Jesus said, "Love one another as I have loved you." Often we can miss the simplicity and profoundness of Jesus' words; "Only as you are loved by me, do you have the capacity to love others" (paraphrased). In the same way as we learn to dwell in the unconditional reality of Father's love and acceptance for each one of us, His capacity to love and accept others will be formed within us.

> Living in community

Living together in community produces deeper levels of vulnerability than we normally experience. As we live together our hearts are unveiled. This allows ourselves and others to see who we really are. But as Father gently highlights areas that He wants to lovingly transform, it is not always a comfortable process for us. Community life at the INS is not about, "How can I change you?" but it is about "Father I need You to meet me and transform my life" As we behold Him and as we allow His love to transform our hearts, He will bring about the change we long for.

At INS we see that Christian community is not about trying to change each other but about loving and accepting each other. Loving each one into the fullness of our true design and identity as Father's sons and daughters.

The Island & Orama

The INS | The Journey of Sonship is held on Great Barrier Island, New Zealand at a Christian Community centre called Orama, this means 'Vision'.

Visit the Orama website to find out more about the location of the INS.

INS | Joining the Journey

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