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INS | Dates & Costs

Find out more about the dates, the cost and other necessities of the INS.

INS | Dates

> September 21st, 2019

We gather together at the ferry wharf in central Auckland for the ferry ride to Orama on Great Barrier Island.

> December 6th, 2019

Return ferry ride to Auckland City. Though by that time many will want to stay.

INS | Costs

The costs include all your food and accommodation. There are four accommodation options listed below. Apply early to secure the best option for you.

Option A

$8,775 NZD

Self Contained Housing
(for families)

Option B

$8,475 NZD

Main Building Accommodation

Option C

$8,095 NZD

Shady Heights
Hillside Cabins

Option D

$7,800 NZD


Please note: Accommodation is limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

INS | Details & Extra options

  • Costs include Tuition, Accommodation, Meals and GST.

  • NOW INCLUDED: an INS T-shirt, the book Sonship and MP3 recordings of the entire school on a flash drive. 

  • The ferry to and from the Great Barrier Island is NZ$280 (approximate) per person. This is an additional fee.

  • Gluten Free & other Medical Meal Plans +NZ$310 per person.

  • Options A & B are Suitable for young families.

  • The guest kitchen in the main house is for the staff to use not for the student. For the past 4 years we been using for the staff and small group only. It has been a great blessing.

Accompanying Adults and Children

INS | Joining the Journey

Do you sense the Father drawing you? Are you ready to join the journey?

Why don't you apply today?

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