Physician's Evaluation Form

Dear Sir/Madam,

The applicant has applied for a intensive 3-month Christian school entitled INS | The Journey of Sonship organised by Fatherheart Ministries in New Zealand (see for more info). 


The school is located at the Orama Christian Centre, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. The location at Orama is remote and living conditions are basic: shared housing, limited services and no public transportation.


The INS weekly program include 7.5 to 10 hours per week of work-duties for each participant. These duties might include: cooking, cleaning, gardening and maintenance etc.


The facilities themselves are located at the bottom of an uphill gravel driveway (a 35-minute brisk walk) and residents require a reasonable level of fitness to access local amenities. The nearest village shop is a further 45-minute walk from the mouth of the driveway (Orama has its own shop for toiletries, snacks and various sundry supplies).


For further details on the location, please visit the following websites:

Please could you complete the questions below and submit the form once you've finished.

Thank you,

- The INS team