A Beautiful Space

Although I can point to tangible experiences of God’s love consistently throughout my life before getting a deep revelation of the love of the Father, I always wore a cloak of religiosity that fettered me with riddling expectations and shame.

While I was with Fatherheart Ministries in New Zealand, Papa gave me a gift of freedom. He took off that cloak and brought me to a wide open space, a space both terrifying and beautiful. In this space, the beliefs I had clung to, which had defined me and encased me, fell apart and I awoke to a deeper awareness of God’s beauty and grace.

For so long, I had embraced a striving and earning mentality. Now, I am learning to receive. To sit with hands wide open to the beauty and struggles in this life I get to live. And to give from that place of receiving, for there is no lack and the mystery is far deeper than I imagined.

– Destiney Kooiman (United States)


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