A Revelation of Family

INS | The Journey of Sonship 2019 has finished and my heart is so full. Father ́s love was strongly present from the very beginning. I haven't experienced such pure love and care before. All the sessions were amazing and it was so lovely to finally meet James and Denise Jordan, but I was touched most by the love of the other students.

We were like a close family. When one of our students went missing for a while, many of us got a revelation of family. Deep in our hearts we understood that we belong to this family and each other. Previously, I would pour out of my heart straight to my Father, but here, Father gave me people; sisters and brothers to help me. They loved me unconditionally.

I also wanted to go deeper into this revelation, and I really did. I dived in with the help of my loving friends and trusting Father. He poured His love into the deepest and darkest parts of my heart. It was painful but now I am grateful that I was brave enough to do it. I have a new heart now!

And the most amazing thing was that my husband experienced change at the same time while he was back home!! Father is so so good! Life is an adventure and I look forward to every new day. I have a big family now and I need to keep my passport valid that I can travel and meet my new family members!

– Lotta-Sofia Kosonen, Finland


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