INS | Speakers & Staff

Find out more about the INS speakers and the staff that run the school.

Speakers at the INS | The Journey of Sonship come primarily from the richness of the Fatherheart Ministries family throughout the world as well as from a pool of international speakers. 

You can expect a wealth of revelation and understanding flowing to you throughout the school as each one shares from their lives of what Father has wrought in their hearts over years and years of walking with Him.

INS | Speakers

Dass & Rani Supperamaniam

Dass & Rani Supperamaniam


Dass & Rani Supperamaniam

Helene King

Scotland (UK)


Peter and Heather Jackson



James & Denise Jordan

New Zealand


Frank Naea

New Zealand

Dass & Rani Supperamaniam

Mark Head

New Zealand

Dass & Rani Supperamaniam

Trevor & Linda Galpin

England (UK)


Stephen Hill

Northern Ireland


Barry Adams


INS | Leadership Team

In 2005, in the midst of burn out and at the end of their own strength, Dass and his wife Rani were both led into a revelation of God as their Father. This revelation has deeply impacted their lives and ministry. This has set both of them on a life changing journey of discovering more of Father’s heart of love for them. They are increasingly coming into the freedom of what it is to live from the heart of a son. 


In 2011 the leadership of FHM recognized the heart and the calling on Dass’s life and so he was appointed as an A School leader/Team Leader for Fatherheart Ministries. Dass and Rani travel to many nations bringing the revelation of the Love of the Father to people from all nations. Dass has been the Co- leader of INS from 2012-2014. From 2015 onward Dass and Rani have lead the INS with an international team. This will be their 6th consecutive INS in a row!


Dass and Rani have served as missionaries for 20 years in Asia and Africa. They live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and have three children, Ezra, Erin and Erica. 

INS 2018 | Team

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