You have now completed your INS | Main Application Form.

We also need the following forms from you, all of which can either be completed online (recommended) or downloaded and sent to the registrar by email or post (preferably by courier):

INS | Personal Health Form

To be completed by yourself.

INS | Pastor/Spiritual Leader’s Reference Form

To be completed confidentially by your Pastor or Spiritual Leader.

INS | Friend’s Reference Form

To be completed confidentially by a friend who knows you well.

INS | Physician's Evaluation Form

To be completed by your physician.

Optional Forms:


INS | Accompanying Nanny Form (if applicable)

To be completed together with a INS | Personal Health Form by your nanny.

Only when we have received these together with your passport photograph(s), will we contact you to make arrangements for a Skype/telephone interview. Following your interview, we will process your application quickly and let you know our decision at the earliest opportunity. ​


On behalf of the Fatherheart Ministries family, may you know the reality of Father’s rich presence and blessing.

- The INS team